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Etude House Tear Eye Liner

Etude House Tear eye liner 8 g 01 white tears, this peel-off eye liner is facile to operate and is good for a small but necessary task of adding a touch of life to your eyes. The 08 white tears will black out your lids for a more sophisticated look.

Tear Eye Liner Etude

The new Etude House Tear eye liner 8 g no, this line gives a more applying and fixed etude. The brush is more, the shears are less, these are all new aspects that will make your writing more efficient and effective, with this line, you'll be able to write with more precision and power. This is an exceptional eyes look with a sparkling Tear drop eyeliner in 3 shades, it is a first-class way for admirers who desire to add a touch of sparkle to their eyes. This eyeliner is in like manner free for you to give as a gift, looking for a new and exciting eyeliner to add to your Etude House makeup? Then vet this newline line called Etude House Tear eye liner. This line is full of fun and vibrant colors that will force you to try more shades, Etude House Tear eye liner is available in two formulas: an one-time use only product that comes in a black bottle with a dark brown color and a daily use product that is a light brown with a dark brown color. This is a fun and straightforward to adopt Etude House Tear drop liner with a cool green color, it extends two drop shadows on the top of the liner and a small brush for painting over them. The formula is very thin so it does not dry out your skin, and it gives a nice, smooth action, it will let you know if you have over-piging your liner or not.