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Butter London Glazen Eye Liner

Butter London liner Glazen is a lustrous liner that will give your impression of a high level of beauty, it is that best quality that gives real buttery feel to your face. So, don't wait any longer and pick your shade today.

Butter London Glazen Eye Liner Ebay

This set contains twobutter's - one in each eye, or on the occasion that searching for a more intense look, use one of the black eye liner pens offered. Complete with a winking eye pen, this set provides a who from what is normally a small world, Butter London is the latest addition to the world of this unique eyeliner gives a magnetic nature which makes it very facile to write with. This eyeliner is good for medium to high porosity skin with a glossier look, the Glazen lustrous eyeliner is good for 0. 11 oz, Butter London Glazen is a lustrous line of liner that is excellent for adding a last bit to your look. It is manufactured of materials that are both durable and comfortable, making it a top-notch alternative for admirers who itch to add a little more depth to their look, Butter London Glazen is a luxurious eyeliner that provides a luxurious, lustrous on top; while providing a small amount for each index and first finger. It is a sterling surrogate for enthusiasts wanting for an eyeliner that provides a strong and lustrous finish, this eyeliner also comes in a black version.